FBA begins to build the foundation for early Christian learning with even our youngest children. Children begin to develop early spiritual awareness in an environment with gentle, loving care. This standard of care is provided through continuity of teachers and caregivers and encouraging, positive communication with parents. Bible stories, songs and prayer are a vital part of each day.

This is an age of exciting exploration. A safe, yet engaging environment is provided where these little ones can explore and learn about themselves, as well as the world around them. These children learn best through positive play opportunities. Teachers provide for this environment by gently modeling expectations and daily routines. Age-appropriate opportunities will include activities that promote the world of colors, texture exploration, books and reading, sights and sounds, interactive games to develop cognitive and language skills, positive play to develop social skills, singing and rhyming and healthy physical activities.

A focus is also placed on developing a positive self-concept for each child. We promote group activities that nurture sharing and turn-taking, skills that only begin to develop at this young age. FBCís goal is to meet the developmental and spiritual needs of each young child.


FBA is committed to helping our children grow in faith. We strive to nurture their belief and understanding of God through the daily opportunities that are provided. As children learn from the established curriculum, we emphasize the Biblical principles of Jesus, prayer, the Holy Bible and mission. Bible stories, daily application of Bible verses, devotionals, praise and worship are an integral part of each childís growth and learning.

Our commitment is Kindergarten readiness. Each developmental area is fostered, including: cognitive skills, language skills, fine-motor skills, gross-motor skills and social-emotional growth.

Our curriculum includes an approach to teaching literacy that is fun, a hands-on way of learning for children. Pre-K ELLA, Early Literacy Learning in Arkansas is a literacy program that focuses on letter recognition, phonics, vocabulary, writing and introduction to reading.

Handwriting Without Tears is a curriculum that utilizes a developmentally-based method that strengthens fine-motor skills, eye-hand coordination, correct pencil/crayon grip and many other necessary pre-handwriting skills. This approach includes multi-sensory, hands-on activities, not just paper and pencil. Children are simultaneously learning counting, shape recognition, correct letter and number formation.

These methods of instruction incorporate fun themes or units of study that are coordinated by teachers and administrators throughout the year. These themes add in fun ways to learn about how wonderfully made is Godís world and how He uniquely made each of us.

Children are learning about classroom expectations for behavior, as well. This is done in a gentle, loving manner. Children are given an appropriate time to establish a routine. Engaged learning that involves the children is very successful and is an exciting way to learn. Positive communication and an ongoing exchange of information between parents and caregivers are vital to each childís success.